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ই-কমার্স অ্যাসোসিয়েশন অব বাংলাদেশ (ই-ক্যাব) সনদ প্রদান অনুষ্ঠানে আনলক লাইভ এর পক্ষে এর ব্যবস্থাপনা পরিচালক মাসুদ হাসান এবং
ধানসিড়ি কমিউনিকেশন লি. এর ব্যবস্থাপনা পরিচালক শমী কায়সার ।


For a restaurant to thrive, it must be situated in a prime location, the food has to be exceptional and the service faster and more efficient than the competition.

Assuming you’ve nailed down a great location and your recipes are ready to win, the third requirement to thrive is actually the easiest one to accomplish. All you need to become the fastest serving restaurant that rocks the checkout line all the time is a POS system customized for your operation.

You may be wondering why you even need a POS system when your current workhorse, the cash register is silently doing it’s job. A cash register worked really well decades ago when automated EPOS systems (electronic point of sale) weren’t available yet and they still do today, but only for small businesses with little to no inventory and 1 – 3 employees.


1. The customer is always right:

Yes, that age-old saying holds true even today. The customer is the most important facet of any business. Hence, as a retail store manager you need to ensure that the whole team comprehends that the customer is their top-most priority, that the customer should be satisfied with the goods and service you provide, and that you never challenge the customer! The customer is ALWAYS right!

2. Make the customer feel special:
Everybody likes feeling special. So, when you are with a customer, give him or her your exclusive attention, listening closely to whatever they may be saying to you. During that time don’t let anything else interrupt you. You may even go so far as making a flattering comment or two. If it is a clothes store, compliment the customer after he/she tries on something; if it is a [...]


Retailers have a million things to worry about without adding their POS to the list.
We’ve taken all that hassle of POS software and moved it to the cloud so you can do what you do best: run your business.


According to his New York Times obituary, this mid-level supermarket executive needed to convince some fellow respectable businessmen to follow his lead. Haberman wanted grocery stores to embrace the 12-digit Universal Product Code—better known as the barcode—to create a standardized system for tracking inventory and speeding checkout. He took his fellow execs to a nice dinner. Then, as was the fashion at the time, they went to see Deep Throat. And they liked Haberman’s idea, these guys with wide lapels who changed the business of how Americans bought food—a change that over the past 40 years has come to mean so much more.



Increased Customer Service & Sales

An increase in customer service levels results from having a highly defined and working inventory control policy. Imagine two competing companies: company A has very defined inventory control policies and company B has very few policies in place. A customer calls company B to place an order. Company B inventory software says it does not have the product available and the wait time would be three weeks. The customer then calls company A and company A has the product available and can ship the same day. Nothing abnormal happened here except that company B did have the product available. But because no one received the product in the system, the customer service person could not see the available inventory. Company B lost the sale and possibly any future sales from this customer. Company A gets the sale and probably [...]


With any business there are laws put in place to ensure things run smoothly. The same general principles apply to restaurants. From restaurant cleanliness, staff hygiene, to how you store and prepare food – there are many regulations to follow and for good reason. There are also regulations that happen to make less sense. We’ve collected a list of less-than-ordinary laws that can affect businesses in the food industry below:

In Chicago, it is against the law to eat in a place that’s on fire.

In Denmark, you are only legally required to pay for your meal if you are, by your own standards, ‘full’.

In Florida, it is illegal to pass wind in a public place after 6pm on Thursdays.

In Britain, it is illegal to sell cooked tripe on Sundays, a law that dates back to the 19th [...]

Décoration table communion

A first-time restaurant owner faces many challenges, and hiring the best possible staff is certainly a major one. Often, experienced restaurateurs poach talent from other businesses, but newcomers in the restaurant industry(as well as veterans) might want to try a few other approaches.

Before going with your “gut feelings” about applicants, consider the following:

Take time to think about what your ideal team would look like

Of course you’re looking for different talents for the front of the house versus the kitchen, but you’ll want to follow some of the same rules in both cases.

1. Understand your ideal candidate — their essential qualities plus desirable traits.

2. The front of house staff needs to appeal to your target customer. Time to move beyond just appearance. Many of your customers are likely to be less than a ten-minute commute from [...]

Retail has become an integral part of modern humanity’s evolution. From trading camels (which is still practiced today, by the way) to ringing up customers with iPads, merchants have always been an important part of every era. Here’s a look at retail’s long journey!

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