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How to hire top restaurant industry talent

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A first-time restaurant owner faces many challenges, and hiring the best possible staff is certainly a major one. Often, experienced restaurateurs poach talent from other businesses, but newcomers in the restaurant industry(as well as veterans) might want to try a few other approaches.

Before going with your “gut feelings” about applicants, consider the following:

Take time to think about what your ideal team would look like

Of course you’re looking for different talents for the front of the house versus the kitchen, but you’ll want to follow some of the same rules in both cases.

1. Understand your ideal candidate — their essential qualities plus desirable traits.

2. The front of house staff needs to appeal to your target customer. Time to move beyond just appearance. Many of your customers are likely to be less than a ten-minute commute from your location, so think about what qualities will appeal to them.

3. The back of house hire needs to fit into the culture of your kitchen — they’ll need to work seamlessly as a unit with the rest of the team.

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